$96 ($8 a month) can keep the lights on at
the Annie Ross House family shelter for one month.
This gift can pay for one month of electricity
while five families (up to 36 people) transition from homelessness.

$96 was the average monthly electric bill for the Annie Ross House shelter in 2012. This gift can help keep the lights on while families work towards stability, independence, and healthy lives for their children.

Northwest Housing Alternatives is efficient and effective; $0.90 of every dollar donated goes directly to our programs. We use the remaining $0.10 to manage organizational finances and to raise more funds.

If you have any questions about this gift opportunity, please contact Megan Dorwin at 503 654 1007 x109 or

Northwest Housing Alternatives works with families, children, and older adults who need brief but imperative services to ensure their housing stability and to help them avoid homelessness. Because crisis is inherent in the work we do, we appreciate the flexibility to use donations where they are needed most.
Northwest Housing Alternatives