$22 a month can offer a preventative nursing visit for 90 older adults at one of NHA’s senior properties – Preventative checkups identify issues early and give older adults the opportunity to remain healthy and to live independently.

Northwest Housing Alternatives works with nursing students around the state to provide preventative check-ups to older adults living on fixed incomes. These visits take place in the community rooms of NHA’s properties and make it easy for our older residents to stay healthy and remain independent.

Nursing visits help residents detect any developing medical issues. Nurses perform heart and lung checks, blood pressure and vision screenings, and balance assessments. They speak to the residents one-on-one about fall prevention, how to recognize illnesses, cholesterol and healthy diet habits, driving safety, and answer questions that our tenants have about their medications.

Northwest Housing Alternatives is efficient and effective; $0.90 of every dollar donated goes directly to our programs. We use the remaining $0.10 to manage organizational finances and to raise more funds.

If you have any questions about this gift opportunity, please contact Megan Dorwin at 503 654 1007 x109 or

Northwest Housing Alternatives works with families, children, and older adults who need brief but imperative services to ensure their housing stability and to help them avoid homelessness. Because crisis is inherent in the work we do, we appreciate the flexibility to use donations where they are needed most.
Northwest Housing Alternatives